.Affirmation Giftware

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.Affirmation Thirsty Coasters
Thirsty Coaster Sunshine
Code: BACS4001..
Thirsty Coaster Own path
Code: BACS4008..
Thirsty Coaster Be you.
Code: BACS4020..
.Affirmation Magnets
Magnet Sunshine
Code: BCMG4001..
Magnet Own path
Code: BCMG4008..
Magnet Heart speak
Code: BCMG4011..
Magnet Shine bright.
Code: BCMG4015..
Magnet Strength within
Code: BCMG4016..
Magnet Paw prints
Code: BCMG4017..
Magnet The best view
Code: BCMG4018..
Magnet Have faith
Code: BCMG4019..
Magnet Be you.
Code: BCMG4020..
Magnet Dreams come true
Code: BCMG4024..
Magnet Guardian angel
Code: BCMG4028..
.Affirmation Bookmarks
Bookmark Sunshine
Code: BCBM4001..
Bookmark Own path
Code: BCBM4008..
Bookmark Heart speak
Code: BCBM4011..
Bookmark Shine bright.
Code: BCBM4015..
Bookmark Strength within
Code: BCBM4016..
Bookmark Paw prints
Code: BCBM4017..
Bookmark The best view
Code: BCBM4018..
Bookmark Have faith
Code: BCBM4019..
Bookmark Be you.
Code: BCBM4020..
Bookmark Guardian angel
Code: BCBM4028..
.Affirmation Stickers
Sticker 9cm Sunshine
Code: BCST4001..
Sticker 9cm Own path
Code: BCST4008..
Sticker 9cm Heart speak
Code: BCST4011..
Sticker 9cm Paw prints
Code: BCST4017..
Sticker 9cm Have faith
Code: BCST4019..
Sticker 9cm Be you.
Code: BCST4020..